How to take care of your stainless steel jewellery!

Hey there, fashionistas! Ready to learn the secrets to keeping your stunners looking fresh and fab? Buckle up for a glam ride as we dive into the world of jewelry care. Let's do this!

Lesson 1

The Lowdown on Timi of Sweden Jewelry

First things first: why Timi rocks! Our stainless items are durable, it's affordable, and it's totally hypoallergenic—perfect for girls on the go. Say buh-bye to tarnishing and hello to endless shine!

Eshma - Vintage Stone Ring Stainless Steel  | Timi of Sweden
Lesson 2

TLC for Your Treasures

Let's talk cleaning, babes. If your item is made from stainless steel you can grab some gentle soap and warm water, and give your jewelry a little spa day. Scrub-a-dub-dub, and voilà—shiny, happy jewels!

Amira - Boho Stone Ring Stainless Steel Timi of Sweden
Lesson 3

Stash 'Em Smart

Your bling deserves a cozy spot to chill. Pop 'em in a cute jewelry box or pouch to keep 'em safe and sound. No more tangles, no more scratches—just pure glam!

JEWELLERY BOX Timi of Sweden
Lesson 4

Protect Your Shine

Keep those beauties away from harsh chemicals and sticky situations. Whether you're hitting the town or lounging poolside, give your jewels some love and they'll love you right back!

Fanny - Pearl and Bead Colorful Set  | Timi of Sweden
Lesson 5

Show 'Em Some Love

Regular checkups are key, ladies! Give your jewelry a little once-over now and then, and if they need a pick-me-up, a gentle polish will do wonders. Keep the love alive, and you'll be sparkling 24/7!

Ready to up your bling game? Dive into the world of Timi of Sweden and share your faves below. Let's show the world what it means to sparkle and slay!

Ravi - Oriental Link Necklace Stainless Steel  | Timi of Sweden