Fall news!!

timi jewellries

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, that’s why we are making our necklaces longer and shinier to extend the summer a bit longer.  Shop yours at the webbstore!

Photoshoot fall/winter collection 2016!

mint-sweden-photoshoot-2016-bmint-sweden-photoshoot-2016 timi-sweden-photoshoot-2016-bmint-sweden-photoshoot-2016-ctimi-sweden-photoshoot-2016-ctimi-sweden-photoshoot-2016

Before the summer we had a photoshoot for Timi Collection Fall/Winter 2016, here is some behind the scene pictures! We wanted to show the jewelries in cosy, scandinavian environments that suits the new modern minimalistic collection.


stud earrings for women

When there is time for styling a sharp jewelry look, the best option is to always go for less, as it is more. A minimalistic trend of jewelry that suits with every day edition of basically any attire is the earrings. Popular jewelry styles change along with the change in fashion and the earrings that were famous in one year can be out the next. But one jewelry piece is a perennial fashion favorite with classic but simple designs is the stud earring. These are the small earrings, perfect for women looking for the outdoor accessories on affordable prices.

These earrings are actually made up of the small objects that fit into the earlobe, without dangling down. They are mostly affixed with the post instead of hook. We offer stud earrings for women in all sizes, shapes and styles.

We know that fashion conscious women like you are all for the bold colored studs and earrings with flashy statements, so we make sure that you invest in pieces that are appealing and eye catching in understated manner. Stud earrings are modest, but they are trendy and look so beautiful. They can go with every other piece of jewelry; you can wear them with the outlandish pieces like patterned necklace or with small detailed pieces according to your choice. At our store, we offer all kinds of stud earrings from which you can buy your favorite ones, so that you can interchange with the look you are wearing that day.

What’s great about our offerings of stud earrings for women is that even if you wear only these little studs, you’ll still look classy yet chick.

With us, you can purchase some of the most stylish and beautiful stud earrings from the whole jewelry market on very reasonable prices.

Stylish and trendy Gold Earrings for Women

 gold earrings for women

Women’s love affair with gold is timeless because it makes them feel worthy and look beautiful. It is true that for one thing, women care about most is to look fashionable and presentable. In order to make themselves look stylish and pretty, women always tend to wear pretty things, especially they are most concerned about their clothing or jewelry. Among all types of jewelry, nowadays the pieces that are so common are earrings. Due to the fact that earrings are so light weight and come in huge varieties has made them very popular among the ladies. Gold earrings look so beautiful in women’s ear, as they not only make them look appealing but also shine up the whole personality. We offer different varieties of gold earrings for women to look for and choose from. These earrings are of pure gold and after wearing our bright pieces, you’ll be able to easily command others’ attention.

We realize that ladies tend to put value in their treasures, which shows that every piece of jewelry they wear has its own sentimental value, regardless of the price. That’s why, we take extra care of the design and style while making the earrings, so that our jewelry should be worthy enough for you to be emotionally attached with.  All of our offerings of gold earrings for women, whether expensive or affordable, will represent the significant moments of your lives. You can buy them for yourself to wear on different occasions as they match with each dress routine and every hair style. Even if you only wear them once, you’ll already know which ones you’ll pass on to your family when the right time comes.

Buy the best ever gold earrings for women from us for once and we assure you that you’ll become our regular customer.


gold necklaces for women

Women love gold and want to get gold designs whenever they get opportunity and money. Bracelets and chain gold necklaces for women come in varieties of designs. Silver or gold to buy is the first to make decision. Following are the famous chain types that you may love to choose for your next purchase.


These are the chains which come with interlocking of the circular links which lie flat-close to each other. These often give masculine look. These types of chains for gold necklaces for women are among favorite ones and come in variable styles, widths and with variable uniformity of their chains sizes. As compared to various other styles these chains carry wider links. One of these chains is concave curb-links chains in which central point is lower as compared to its edges which create concave shape. There are concave links which carry paved etchings within same or the different typed gold color that runs along center. It creates slightly slimmer & dynamic effect.


Figaro chains are chains that are designed with the several-small round links that are interspersed with long-oval link. Style of this chain is originated from Italy. These chains are greatly used for jewelry for men and can be worn with the pendent or alone. In some of the elegant jewelry accessories, for women, thinner links that are paired with the charm or pendent.


These chain types are gold strands which are intertwined for resembling genuine ropes. These gold necklaces for women come in delicate versions in which these are popular for the pendent necklaces. Other version is heavier version, in which main attraction comes via chain. Number of weave varies in different chains. Tighter braid comes with more usage of metal and hence greater price.


Latest fashion for ladies

Ladies are always for and of fashion and always in search of latest trends so that they can lead other females. Trends change with time. At sometimes jeans and pants are considered to be at top of the latest trends with short tops or long tops and at other times, short or long frocks make their space in the fashion eras. Latest fashion for ladies nowadays is focused towards skirts. Skirts are considered to be one of the items that lay foundation of any women`s wardrobe. These come in various styles. While selecting skirts, you must ensure to select neutral colors as these can be mixed & matched with many other types of apparel. Patterned or colorful skirts are fun, however, these cannot be often worn. Following are some of the skirts that you must have in your wardrobe;


These skirts are small at waist & then widen evenly while reaching to the ground. As compared to waistline their width is greater at hemline. These latest fashion for ladies can be calf length, ankle length or knee length. They are named A-line due to their shape similar to letter A. these as latest fashion for ladies are normally casual or semi dressy and hence rarely for formal events.


These skirts as latest fashion for ladies are either ankle length or knee length and carry wrinkled appearance. These types of skirts are characterized by 3 or more horizontal-seams wrapped in layers around skirt. These may be used for casual or semi casual but not dressy.


These skirts normally have a fitted or elastic waistline. These latest fashion for ladies are scrunched-up at hem and make the skirt look like baggy. Length of these is normally above knees and these give a playful look to the wearer. Few of these are dressy when material for their stitching is satin or any other satin material.


 types of necklace chains

Necklaces are loved by all women no matter of whom they are. There is no restriction about age of females and also males to love these necklaces. These necklaces may be of gold, silver or artificial plated ones. Despite of their material good designed necklaces are in trend. There are various types of necklace chains that are given names as per their structure. Each of chain servings are for different purposes and hence offer different effects. Some of the popular necklace chain types can make you aware of the basic chain types. If you want to understand various necklace types, read below;


Just like Figaro chain, other than Anchor chain it alternates a small, round or single link with the large oval link. Such links are similar to chain attached with an anchor upon boat. These are available in various widths and are popular for men.


These types of necklace chains comprise of the oval interlocking-links with the alternate links that are turned at 180 degrees. These chains come in wide variety of widths. Most popular are small sized chains among females whereas larger chunkier-chains are popular with males.


Ball chains have round beads that are fixed along chain. There is either a difference between beads or these beads strung closer with small space in between. These types of necklace chains are popular with pendants for example with the dog-tag pendants.


These types of necklace chains have square links as compared to round links that give these chains boxy appearance. These chains also come in thinner versions which are popular in women jewelry. These are also often paired with the pendants. Great look comes via thicker chains for men or also for women depending upon choice.


long silver necklace

Long silver necklace is a classical fashion statement. Irrespective of the necklace styles being classic chain, long pendent or that adorned with gemstones or beads, it has the ability to attract attention. Purchasing fine silver necklaces may be your wish. These would be the silver necklace with the high quality. Some want to purchase silver plated costume jewelry that look really beautiful. Jewelry stores sell fine jewelry like many departmental shops that sell costume jewelry. At both of these paces buyers can get their desired long silver necklace.  There are various online sites which offer various styles of these necklaces. These online stores are perfect sites to buy avid jewelry. While buying any kind of jewelry particularly silver necklaces care must be taken to get real silver. You must carefully consider all components including length, silver type plus other settings like gemstones to make finer purchase.


These are the necklaces that are favorite for their overall value and exquisite beauty. Jewelry must be well taken care of so that its value increases overtime. This especially rings well with the silver. Silver can be said to be fickle metal. Quality pieces of vintage could be rarely found which are still in the excellent condition. Vintage pieces of long silver necklace kept carefully are extremely valuable now. So when you decide to buy fine silver, it is not a simple purchase nut also an investment for future.


Just like gold grades, there are grades for long silver necklace and silver used in it. There are jewelry items that carry pure silver and those that are made from metal alloy. These are sometimes marked but not always so you must take a receipt while buying pure silver so that you can claim in case of any fault of sellers.